Sunday, July 03, 2011

Well... a MONTH has passed!

Since I said I would write here more!  HAHA!!  I should NEVER commit!!  =)

THANK you to all of you that shot VBS!  It was GREAT! The pix I have see so far are AMAZING! GREAT captures!!!

I hope that you ALL are enjoying your summer and YOU are taking fabulous shots!

I am excited for our July 30th day... and shoot with ALL the Canon stuff =)  I am hoping to have models for us to shoot!  I KNOW we have a couple of dancers... which should be FUN for action shots!!

I just thought I would check IN with you all...  LOVE YA!!
Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am LOVING the longer days!!  LOTS more time to use the sunlight to take pix =)!!

We are meeting THIS Sunday evening in the London room at 5pm! We also have a gal... Jacqueline that is needing head shots! I told her to come to our meeting and we would shoot her!  I am HOPING to get there - but I have a wedding that afternoon too! (Just attending the wedding.)

SO PLEASE bring your cameras and have FUN!

We are working on another event shoot... for August!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


We have a FUN bridal/prom SHOOT!  Models will be there at 1 - so photographers you can come then... or around 2! We should be ready to shoot by then!!  Meet at the London Institute... then if it is not raining =)  we will go all over the campus!  BE CREATIVE!!  We want LOTS of the hair!!  It is going to be FUN!!  LOTS of BEAUTIFUL gals and our cameras... what could be more FUN???  HAHA!!
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meeting this Sunday!!

Hey everyone!!! We have our normal photography ministry meeting this Sunday... 4pm in the London Institute. Then afterwards we can hang out and shoot or catch up... I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed... And shooting always helps =] thanks to Jeanette for keeping us up to date with the emails... Love ya!! Pam
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black and White Formal

Hi everyone!! The Black and White Formal is Friday May 13... And they need a photographer that can do a backdrop with lights... IF you are available that night you will LOVE getting to shoot this!! It is a fUN event!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You guys have really come to the rescue!  THANK YOU!!   Only 5 MORE photographers NEEDED for Mother's Day!!  EMAIL ME if YOU can shoot - PLEASE?  =)

We will resume our Sunday Evening Shoots - Classes on May 15th =) I will be THRILLED to get back to normal!!

Some FUN Events coming...

April 30th - Unforgettable Women's Brunch
May 8th - Mother's Day - AM and PM
May 13th - 8pm-12am  Black and White Formal - Generate
May 15th - 5:30pm hang out and chat
May 22nd - 2pm Prom/Bridal shoot with Nicole Ray
Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Everyone!! URGENT!!!

It has been a LONG while since I have updated the page!  SORRY!  We are trying to get more organized this year!!  =)

We do have a few things coming up... but MOST PRESSING is Mother's Day!


This is who I do have shooting...

1. Jon Apogee
2. Ashley Horne
3. Dianna Bautista
4. Julio Kunhardt and Claudia
5. Paula Letbetter
6. Jennifer Felix
7. Louie Flores
8. Michaela Roekle
9. Barry Priest
10.Tim Mills
11.Dean Stoops
12.Debbie Aceto

This is the MAYBE list -
1. John O'Reilly
2. John Estep

PLEASE let me know IF you are able to shoot!  I NEED this done THIS week =)

On a side note... I have to delegate A LOT this year and if you are willing to do a little extra let me know that too!  I will be gone the week after Mother's Day and need HELP! =)

ALSO... the Black and White Dance is coming MAY 13th!  The need the set up with backdrop and lights... I think Julio OR Louie said they could help... BUT IF YOU CAN... PLEASE contact Kelli Anderson to confirm with her AND get the details! THANKS!  ALSO candids are needed thru out the night too... here is a link to see last years -  these are the ones I shot - MOST are BnW =)

I will post more LATER... THESE are the MOST pressing for now!!  THANKS!!  If you NEED to email me... my email is